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So sometimes high emotions are great for helping me write. But sometimes -- like lately -- it's been mostly anxiety, which is apparently not at all good for my writing. This week I've started feeling back to normal, but it's taking some effort to feel creative again. I know what I'm doing with my Remix story but I barely have anything written on it, so I'm hoping to get back to that this weekend.

But last week I made a BSG landscape/starscape picspam for tumblr, and for fun I made some icons from it.

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And since it's still poetry month, here's When the Vegetarian Kisses the Carnivore, by DeAnne Lyn Smith )

Hope everybody has a great weekend. I may spend part of mine caving in and having a celebrity crush Netflix marathon.
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I had to make some Kara/Sam icons for a challenge a few weeks ago. Because Kara and Sam are a terrible hardship for me, I got a little carried away. But I thought I'd go ahead and post them (now that it's so painless to do with a working laptop!) in case anyone was interested.

(And if you're the type to want more where that came from I have some other K/S icons in previous tagged posts.)

Also including a handful of other BSG icons: Bill, Gaeta, Kara + Helo, Laura, Lee, Leoben, Sam, Tory. Mostly men this time after all the [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon stuff.

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And to complete my [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon project, here are the Kara icons. Near the end you'll find guest appearances by Slick, Saul, Athena, Helo, Leoben, Lee, and Sam.

As before, feel free to take anything that interests you, and I'd love a comment if you choose to.

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It's no secret that I love BSG's ladies. For [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon this year I made icons to celebrate that love. This was just a Starbuck project at first and then expanded, but for the sake of my sanity this first post is women who aren't Kara Thrace. Below you'll find:

Athena (+Helo)
Boomer (+Chief)
D'Anna (+Caprica, +Gaius)
Dee (+Billy, +Lee)
Ellen (+Saul)
Jean Barolay
Laura (+Bill, +Billy, +Tory)
Six (head!Six, Caprica, Gina, Lida, Natalie, +Gaius)

If there's anything you like enough to grab, feel free. I'd love to hear about it.

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