Jul. 22nd, 2013

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We've run into a little snag at I Need My Fics, so [personal profile] in_the_blue and I are plying our friends lists as a last resort.

Would anyone be willing to receive a story in one of the following fandoms: The Transformers (IDW Generation One), Defiance (TV), Transformers (Bay Movies), or Samaria - Sharon Shinn?

(That's right: we said receive. We have people to turn to for pinch hits, but no one to turn to for this particular problem.)

We'd like to make you a full participant if you're willing to receive a story. It only seems fair, and it's kind of important since we're hosted on AO3 and letting it do our matching this time around. You can find our timeline and rules (which are fairly standard for fic exchanges: we require a minimum of 1000 words, the deadline is September 5th, and our matching is based solely on fandom and rating) at the above link, but the catch to becoming a full participant is that you'd need to be an AO3 member (we do have invites if you're not already signed up there) and you'd need to make at least one of your offers a fandom that's already been requested by someone.

And here's a list of those requested fandoms. )

Should you already be signed up to participate and you'd like to modify your requests to help out here, you can let us know and we'll contact you privately to edit your sign-up as necessary. Otherwise we'll be happy to answer any questions as quickly as possible! We're looking to resolve this today so we can stay on schedule with assignments going out tomorrow.

ETA: Looks like we have a taker. Thanks, guys!


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