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Hi! I'm anythingbutblue on AO3. Optional details are, as always, optional, but this is the place to be if you want more elaboration on what I like.

My first love is stories that can pass for missing moments from canon, fics that can be slipped easily between episodes or chapters. I love reading strong characterization and strong character voices. Give me character studies, give me plot-heavy stories, give me a blend of the two: I'm up for any of it! AUs don't usually excite me as much unless they have deep roots in canon, and most of the time I prefer canon pairings. You can always turn to [personal profile] in_the_blue to secretly ask for extra guidance if necessary. Also, I'm an absolute sucker for the Groundhog Day loop. It's one of my favorite tropes of all time, and if all else fails I'll be delighted to read any of my requested characters living through that.

General things I crave:
three-dimensional female characters
tight friendships, especially forged in unlikely circumstances
shades of gray
banter between friends and even more banter between significant others
stories that maintain the general tone and rating of canon
slice-of-life fic
characters who struggle to trust but are nearly unshakable once they've accomplished it

General things I'm not looking for:
incest, unless it's canon
hard kink in graphic detail
lingering descriptions of gore

I'm okay with sex scenes, but they're not necessary for any of these requests. I wholeheartedly prefer anything explicit kept between consenting adults.

Here are my requests:

Dollhouse (Claire Saunders)

Give me Claire backstory! I want to know who she was before she became first Whiskey and then Dr. Saunders. What's in her file? I'm particularly interested in her relationships with Topher and Adelle, so if you can answer the burning question of whether or not she had any pre-Whiskey connection to Topher and/or take me through her first meeting with Adelle I'd greatly enjoy it.

Claire's story is so tragic. I know there's a fan theory out there that suggests her original personality is the one Topher imprints on Sierra in Haunted. I don't necessarily subscribe to that, but I'd be interested in reading a fic about it. If you're not comfortable writing Adelle or Topher, that's perfectly fine! I didn't add them to my request because a focus on Claire is what I'm most interested in here. If pre-canon explanations don't work for you, I'd also be interested in a character study about what happens in Claire's life after she becomes so painfully self-aware and leaves the Dollhouse. What does she do with herself? How does Boyd get so close to her? What are her thoughts about the life she's leaving behind?

Fallen London (Player, Once-Dashing Smuggler, Catherine, Alice|The Cheesemonger)

I welcome as many cameos by as many characters, nominated or not, that you'd like to include, and I officially free you from having to use ALL of these requested characters. I'm most interested in two perspectives in this game: Fallen London through the eyes of a new inhabitant experiencing it for the first time, meeting memorable characters and dealing with nightmares and trying to find a niche, or the Neath through the eyes of someone who's had the time to not only get used to it but thrive in it.

I requested the Player Character because that seems like the best example of someone new to Fallen London. I'm sort of purposefully vague here because I don't want to stifle whatever sparks your creativity, but if you're looking for more specific ideas The Phantom of the Antimacassar is always one of my favorite cards and a new FL inhabitant's take on that would be entertaining for me. You don't need to use my character as a model, but if you really want to she's an author, closest to the Bohemians, has a Blemmigan secretary, and was so affected by her experience in the Cave of the Nadir that she got her own name tattooed on herself by Lilac after The Feast of the Exceptional Rose. On the other hand, if you want to go the route of someone more established in the Neath, I'm interested in the Once-Dashing Smuggler as well the Cheesemonger and her daughter Catherine. How did the Smuggler die? What secrets are written inside his bandages? How did Alice become the Cheesemonger? Will Catherine rise to take her mother's place? If you write about Catherine I'd be fine with reading a story that references any of the possible endings the Cheesemonger arc can have.

Snowpiercer (Namgung Minsu, Namgung Yona)

I crave backstory for these two! I believe it's been confirmed that the Inuit woman who led the Frozen Seven was also Yona's mother, and I would love to see that elaborated on. She doesn't have to be the focus of your story, but having blanks filled in would be awesome. If that doesn't appeal to you, I would love to read some pre-canon father-daughter adventures on the train.

In a movie with strikingly comic book-style visuals, strange Charlie and the Chocolate Factory similarities, Chris Evans looking like a surprisingly adorable hobo, and Tilda Swinton delivering lines about "size ten chaos," these two managed to be my favorites. I want something that sheds more light on their pre-canon lives. I'm also interested in Yona's seeming clairvoyance, and I'd love to see that explored or explained. If none of the above works for you I'd also enjoy reading some missing moments from canon through the POV of father or daughter (or both). Any mid-canon character study where one or both of them has more in-depth interaction with some of the other characters (Curtis? Mason? Tanya? Grey? Even Wilford?) along the way would be something I'd like to read.

Transistor (Red, Breach|Transistor)

I want to see how these two fell in love. How this happens is up to you! Who is the man in the Transistor? What does he do? (I'm fine with the fandom-favored boxer theory, but whatever moves you!) How did Red meet him? Did they like each other right off the bat, or did it take time for them to warm up to each other so much? Cameos by other characters welcome!

I love almost everything about Transistor: its style, its art, its cast, its MUSIC, its almost-silent redheaded heroine with her sword boyfriend. I'd love to know more about the relationship these two had before the events of the game. Whether you want to tackle their very first encounter or write a series of dates in the game's major locations or even take the images from the end credits and weave them into a story, I'll be so happy to get a fic that provides me with a foundation for the loving relationship we're shown. Please feel free to use any other characters from the game that you need to tell this story.

Thank you for writing for me! I can't wait to read the finished product!


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