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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! I'm ridiculously excited to have you write one of these fandoms for me. First, as usual, I'm going to point out that optional details are indeed optional. That said, anybody who wants more ideas about what interests me can start here.

I'm copying most of my general likes and dislikes from previous letters because so much of it stays the same. When it comes to fanfic my first love is stories that can pass for missing moments from canon, fics that can be slipped easily between episodes or chapters. I love reading strong characterization and strong character voices. Give me character studies, give me plot-heavy stories, give me a blend of the two: I'm up for any of it! AUs don't usually excite me as much unless they have deep roots in canon, and most of the time I prefer canon pairings.

General things I crave:
three-dimensional female characters
tight friendships, especially forged in unlikely circumstances
shades of gray
banter between friends and lovers
fic that maintains the general tone and rating of canon
slice-of-life fic
characters struggling to build trust but being nearly unshakable once they've accomplished it

General things I'm not looking for:
incest, unless it's canon
hard kink in graphic detail
lingering descriptions of gore

While I'm fine with smut as part of a relationship between your characters, sex scenes aren't necessary for these requests. I wholeheartedly prefer that anything explicit is kept between consenting adults.

Also, it's become my annual tradition to note that I'm an absolute sucker for the Groundhog Day loop. It's one of my favorite tropes of all time, and if all else fails you should know I'd be delighted to read any of my requested characters living through that.

And now for my actual requests, in alphabetical order:

Bioshock Infinite
Available for the xbox, ps3, and PC, Bioshock Infinite is the third entry in the Bioshock series of games, by far one of the prettiest games I've ever seen. I've requested Daisy Fitzroy and Booker Dewitt, and what I'd love most is a story that fills in the HUGE blanks we have about the universe where Booker was allied with Daisy. I'm cool with a romance between them if that's the way your story takes you, but it's by no means required; I'm just excited to read about these two people who have every reason to have trouble with personal relationships first reluctantly working together, then (probably just as reluctantly) becoming partners, and finally (possibly grudgingly) developing a real friendship against the backdrop of the Vox Populi. If that doesn't work for you, I'd also be eager to read a story about how Daisy overcame the odds stacked against her when she was accused of Lady Comstock's death and gaining notoriety as leader of the Vox Populi. You could also give me a story about the Booker we glimpse after the game's end credits. I didn't add Elizabeth to my requested characters, but it's not because I don't like her; feel free to include her and the always enjoyable Luteces as much or as little as you need to for the sake of your story!

Cowboy Bebop
I wish I could tell you where to find Cowboy Bebop online for easy viewing. It's 26 episodes of animated goodness and has such beautifully layered characters that plenty of live action shows would covet them. The soundtrack, the atmosphere, the personality given to each planet and moon and asteroid the crew visits, the combination of goofiness and heart-rending drama: I can't think of much I don't love about this show. For this one I've requested Julia and Gren because I'd really love to read about their first meeting. Tell me how they connected. What prompted Julia to talk to Gren about Spike? What made Gren share his secrets with Julia? Tell me about "Goodnight Julia," about any or all of the times Julia would show up at the Rester House, sit at the corner stool, and request the same sad-but-beautiful song. If that doesn't work for you, I'd also be interested in any Julia adventure that takes place between her disappearance from Tharsis City three years pre-show and her reappearance in the Real Folk Blues; illustrate her mix of practicality and romanticism for me. Show me some fleeting bonds she made during her travels. I'd also be thrilled with a day (or week or whatever) in the life of Gren on Callisto as he slowly worked toward his face-to-face meeting with vicious.

Dollhouse is 26 episodes long and available to stream through Netflix. At its best it deals in really fascinating shades of gray, and I adore the three characters I've requested: Claire Saunders, Adelle DeWitt, and Topher Brink. What I'd love most here is the story of how a young woman became Whiskey, once the Dollhouse's most popular Active, and then Dr. Claire Saunders. Who was Claire/Whiskey before? Did she have a prior relationship with Topher? I know there's a fan theory that her original personality was the one Topher imprinted on Sierra in Haunted, and I don't know if I really subscribe to that but I'd definitely love to read fic about it. I'm hoping you'd be generous with Adelle's presence; I'd love to read about Claire's initial meeting with Adelle prior to becoming an Active. If heavy Claire backstory doesn't work for you, I'd also be thrilled with Adelle backstory, something about how she earned her position or about when she started using the Miss Lonely Hearts cover, or Topher backstory, maybe something set in the earliest days of the Dollhouse as he and Adelle learned to work together. Alternatively, you could delight me with a case fic (job fic?)that focuses on all three and their "behind-the-scenes" work while Actives are out, and you'd earn all the bonus points I can find if it fits into that window of time after Claire becomes so painfully self-aware but before she leaves the Dollhouse.

Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation is one of my favorite movies, and it's available for streaming through Netflix. I've requested the two main characters, Charlotte and Bob, and what I'd most like to see is the two of them having another chance encounter in a different location five years after the movie. You can pick a city that matters to you, pick a city you've never been but would love to visit; just make it a place neither of them has ever called home, a place that's new to both of them. What are their lives like now? Is Bob still acting? Has Charlotte found a niche? Are they happy? Alternatively, their chance meeting could be at some major airport where they experience such significant delays that they end up renting a car together to get out. I really enjoy the dynamic between Charlotte and Bob so I'd love to see a continuation of it, but that doesn't mean you need to feel compelled to make them romantically available to each other. (Part of the fun for me is not knowing where you'll take them in that respect!) I'm a big fan of the quiet moodiness and slice-of-life feel of the movie and will love it if you can capture some of that in the story as well. If the five-years-later idea doesn't work for you I'd also be happy to read about what their lives are like immediately post-movie, so you could pick one of them (or both!) and explore that for me.

Orange is the New Black
Available through Netflix, Orange is the New Black is (currently) only 13 episodes! I've requested Nicky Nichols, Lorna Morello, Poussey Washington, and Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson. I'm so intrigued by these four women, and the friendship between Poussey and Taystee is one of my favorite things on the show. After hearing Taystee's hilarious (and accurate, if you ask my husband) comment about Ulysses, I'm wanting a fictional book club at Litchfield Correctional so these characters (and any other inmates you want to include!) can sound off on popular titles. Imagine the scathing commentary on The Scarlet Letter. Who argues with Taystee over Harry Potter? Does Little Women make someone cry? (Just examples! Use books that inspire you!) If that idea doesn't work for you I'd also be up for some kind of awkward road trip involving these four, and I'd be truly and sincerely happy with backstory for any or all of these women. Also, if you feel like braving crossover territory, here's an idea: on more than one occasion Morello has made me think of Mae Mordabito from A League of Their Own (also nominated for Yuletide, I see!), and if you write a story that makes them related it will no doubt be amazing.

Ready Player One
Ready Player One is a novel by Ernest Cline, and is also available as an audiobook read by Wil Wheaton. Since I was born in the early 80s, I fit right into Ready Player One's target audience. I enjoyed playing spot-the-reference and loved its friendships, especially the one between Aech and Parzival. My biggest disappointment was due to something said by Nolan Sorrento in his first meeting with Wade: "The Sixers are really no different than a Gunter clan, albeit a well-funded one. We share all the same obsessions as gunters. And we have the same goal." To me it seemed like possible foreshadowing that there could be a point when some of the Sixers could be more than just the novel's Big Bad, but we never got to see them -- especially Sorrento -- in any shade of gray. What I'd like here is a fic that changes that. I'd really love a story from Sorrento's point of view: don't apologize for him by any means, but show me what makes him human, show me his passion, show me what makes him geeky, show me what keeps him up at night. If you find yourself uncomfortable writing Sorrento in particular, I'd enjoy the same kind of fic starring a female Sixer from Sorrento's posse of helpers.

Hopefully you've found some ideas you'd like to work with. If you need more help, you can contact the lovely [personal profile] in_the_blue (or [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue, if you prefer), who can be very secretive when it's needed.

Thanks for writing for me! I can't wait to read what you come up with.


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