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only to excess (a mix for Kara Thrace, hotshot Viper pilot and part-time harbinger of death, who burns her own body and lives to tell about it)

Track list with links to lyrics under the cut.

Girl In The War - Josh Ritter (I've got a girl in the war, Paul, her eyes are like champagne/they sparkle, bubble over, and in the morning all you got is rain)

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (I'm gonna fight 'em off/a seven nation army couldn't hold me back)

Over and Over - Morcheeba (running through my life right now I don't regret a thing/the things I do just make me laugh and make me want to drink)

Torpedoes - MDFMK (don't stop/you can sleep when you're dead)

This Girl Is Taking Bets - Thea Gilmore (this girl's the resurrection/she's the comeback)

Favours - The Delgados (And I, I'll try to feel fine/while I'm taking orders from bottles of wine)

Everlong - Foo Fighters [Kara/Sam] (if everything could ever feel this real forever/if anything could ever be this good again/the only thing I'll ever ask of you/you've got to promise not to stop when I say when)

Sober - P!nk (no pain inside/you're like perfection/how do I feel this good sober)

Hysteria - Muse (I'm not breaking down/I'm breaking out/last chance to lose control)

Drink To The Dead - Clutch (drink to the dead all you still alive/we shall join them in good time/should you go crossing that silvery brook/it's best to leap before you look)

Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground [Kara/Lee] (thought of you as my mountaintop/thought of you as my peak/thought of you as everything/I've had but couldn't keep)

Walls - Beck feat. Cat Power (you treat distraction like it's a religion/with a rattlesnake step in your rhythm/we do the best with the souls we've been given)

Aurora - Foo Fighters (you believe there's something else/to relieve your emptiness/and you dream about yourself/and you bleed and breathe the air)

If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly (if I ever leave this world/hey, I may never leave this world/but if I ever leave this world alive)
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