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So sometimes high emotions are great for helping me write. But sometimes -- like lately -- it's been mostly anxiety, which is apparently not at all good for my writing. This week I've started feeling back to normal, but it's taking some effort to feel creative again. I know what I'm doing with my Remix story but I barely have anything written on it, so I'm hoping to get back to that this weekend.

But last week I made a BSG landscape/starscape picspam for tumblr, and for fun I made some icons from it.

And since it's still poetry month, here's

She feels like a cheat, sneaking
headphones into the opera,
whiskey into the synagogue.

Blood urges up to the swirls
of her ears and if some
bone pure part of her pretends

her tongue grilled against her lover's
is not a gamy thrill, the pink
blush begs otherwise.

She closes her eyes, lets
the dim taste of steak knives
bleed into her mouth the way

beets color water.
Of course she can differentiate
between tendon and root,

which is not to say she hasn't
heeled down on midnight
cockroaches or clapped mosquitoes

troubling the air above her lover's spine.
When the vegetarian kisses the carnivore,
her mind's caged statistics

go wild, pecking and scratching
at the wire, shedding feathers
under fluorescent lights.

Her thoughts are peppered with free-
range footprints of all shapes and sizes:
cloven, three-toed, five.

She learns convictions can bend
like cartilage. She's learning love is,
if not unprincipled,

at least undisciplined,
a chef wiping spatulas on his sleeve,
licking his finger, dipping it back.

Hope everybody has a great weekend. I may spend part of mine caving in and having a celebrity crush Netflix marathon.
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