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A few months ago on twitter I threatened to make a picspam of BSG characters with exaggerated frowns. Some of you were enthusiastic about the idea, so here's a link to part one.

I've been watching a few new-to-me shows on Netflix over the past few months. One is Luther. It's more difficult and arguably more triggery to watch than, say, something from the Law & Order franchise because you usually see more of what the criminals are up to before they get caught, but I thought the acting was really good. The cast has great chemistry, I think, and I found it pretty compelling from one episode to the next. It was one of those rare instances where I didn't dislike any main characters.

Mike and I also watched House of Cards. He's even harder to hook on a show than I am, but we enjoyed watching it together. It's imperfect and there are times when I think it's trying too hard, but I like the casting a lot. Kevin Spacey is playing the kind of role I've always thought he played best -- in it for himself, dry wit -- and I love Robin Wright as his equally capable wife. I'm not a huge fan of confessionals to the camera and HoC uses them, but it's not actually a documentary-style show and doesn't use camera confessionals every few minutes.

And I started watching Dollhouse. We're not huge Joss Whedon geeks. Especially Mike, so I didn't even ask if he wanted to give the show a shot with me. The early episodes were kind of a mixed bag, and it definitely took half the first season to hit its stride. I'm maybe halfway through season two now, and usually I lean more toward liking it than disliking it. At its best it's thought-provoking and builds interesting character relationships and deals in some serious shades of gray, but at its worst it's made me wince and roll my eyes and wonder if it could possibly be more anvil-icious. I'm not really into the main character, and Tahmoh's character hasn't done a whole lot for me, either. The other characters are the show's strength, in my opinion: Adelle and Topher and Sierra and Victor and Boyd. And Claire, who became my Dollhouse character of choice.

In other news, I'm slowly working my way through A Dance With Dragons, getting started on Remix, and thinking about the Epics Big Bang because getting myself to finish a project -- any project -- of 10k words or more is high on my list of things to do this year.
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