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So now I'm home and fed and warm and decompressing from the nonstop family time of the past few days and the unusually extreme case of last-minute Yuletide panic/editing I had this year.

Despite the fact that this was my most obscure Yuletide ever, I managed to get five fics out of it. What's more, they're all awesome. I don't feel remotely like I'm exaggerating. All five stories -- four in the regular collection and one treat -- are well-written and feel like they've really been tailored to what I asked for in my letter. One of the Skyrim stories had a note that said the author made a point of finding the character's camp in-game just to be able to write my story. Another author mentioned remembering some previous generosity I'd shown at some point, so I'm guessing it's someone I wrote something for in an earlier Yuletide?

While the process may be imperfect, I lovelovelove the spirit of the exchange and enjoy trying to write a story tailored to someone else's request and then turning around to read what someone wrote for me. I always enjoy reading my stories, but this year, guys, I feel so very moved by the collective effort that was put out for me. I'm more than a little surprised and more than a little grateful.

So allow me to pimp my gift fics, in order of notification in my inbox:
Negative Spaces (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, rated G) - I think there's absolutely nothing about this post-canon look at Mary Svevo that isn't beautiful. It's been filled to the brim with sweet, sweet characterization!

Under the Winter Sky (Skyrim, rated G) - Stunningly visual, this story provides a friendship between Angi and the Dragonborn that's really charmed the hell out of me on each read. Fantastic from start to finish!

Cupboard of the Heart (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, rated T) - These richly characterized slices of Mary's backstory and snippets of her throughout her canon journey will break your heart. But it'll do it so gorgeously you won't mind.

Balance and Composure (Skyrim, rated M) - Giving believable dimension to a (very) minor video game character isn't easy, but you wouldn't guess it from this fic. An excellent eye for Skyrim's details brings the world to life.

Target Practice (Skyrim, rated G) - Being treat-sized doesn't stop this fic from giving Angi really beautiful characterization. A total delight to read!

Thank you so much, writers! I love every single one of these stories.


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