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Working on a comprehensive link list. Fics are listed newest to oldest under each canon name.

Battlestar Galactica:

(Considering canon, let's assume the ratings never dip below PG unless I note otherwise. I'll try to warn for anything graphic.)

Whiskey Makes the Band Sound Better - Kara after Zak's death. My personal canon for why Kara felt uncharacteristically compelled to make an apology when she and Lee clashed in KLG. 1720 words.

Fermata (AO3) - A disjointed ficlet written for the prompt "hybrid!Sam, music." 650 words.

A handful of Kara/Sam ficlets posted to the January 2013 [community profile] bsg_epics Ship War: First Impressions, No Touching! (R), Got a Girl in the War (excerpt from a work in progress), New Caprica Book Club, Union (with bonus Athena/Helo), Not Like the Others (AU), She's the Comeback (R), With No Direction Home, Celebrity Sighting (AU)

Ten Hours - An AU ficlet for a challenge in which opening lines were provided by other people. (Thanks for the first paragraph, [personal profile] rirenec!) Kara is with Sam the night before the big New Caprica rescue.

The Home Team - A pre-canon Sam ficlet, <450 words.

Play Your Part - Pre-canon Cylons preparing for the eventual attack, mostly Cavil and Caprica!Six. <500 words.

Know Your Opponent (AO3) - Written for [community profile] ineedmyfics, this fills a prompt for an AU where Kara and Helo are temporarily assigned to the fleet's exhibition pyramid team after Galactica's decommissioning. Kara/Sam. Approximately 4000 words.

Two Kara/Sam ficlets written for the May 2012 [community profile] bsg_epics Ship War: Taking Off (R) and Absinthe and Whiskey (AU).

untitled Leoben commentfic - Leoben immediately after his exit in "Sometimes A Great Notion"

Do the Best With the Souls We've Been Given - Written for [profile] bsg_remix: season four Layne Ishay with background Kara/Sam, app. 1800 words.

untitled Kara/Sam commentfic - Kara/Sam and the return of the dog tag after "Taking a Break"

Flying Blind (AO3) - Kara/Sam on New Caprica, app. 2000 words

Islanded - late season 4.5 Kara, 100 words

untitled Sam commentfic - early series Sam (with Sam/Kara)

untitled Laura commentfic - Laura (with Laura/Bill)

Evolution - post-season one Boomer

untitled Tory drabble - season four Tory, 100 words

This Could Take All Night (AO3) - post-canon Kara/Sam, app. 2750 words

untitled Kara drabble - season four Kara, 100 words

Echoes (AO3) - The Final Five: glimpses past and present (with Kara/Sam, Chief/Tory, Saul/Ellen), app. 2400 words

Five Times Sam Anders Gets the Girl (Back) - A look through a smutty lens at the canon Sam/Kara relationship. Contains spoilers through early season four and sexual situations that edge it into NC-17 territory. App. 1200 words

Time, Spirit, and Sinew - post-canon Kara/Sam, app. 2700 words

Things to Do on Galactica When You're Dead (AO3) - Gaeta, Kara, Sam, Boomer, and Laura: five characters near their own canon deaths and the five stages of grief, app. 1900 words

untitled Kara drabble - "Flesh and Bone" Kara with Leoben, 100 words

untitled Kara drabble - pre-canon Kara/Zak, 100 words

You Bleed and Breathe the Air - pre-"Crossroads" Sam (Sam/Kara), app. 1300 words

untitled Bill drabble - "Daybreak" Bill (Bill/Laura), 100 words

untitled Kara drabble - pre-canon Kara, nongraphic reference to child abuse, 100 words

untitled Kara drabble - pre-canon Kara + "Crossroads" Kara, 100 words

untitled Kara drabble - "Maelstrom" Kara, 100 words

untitled Kara drabble - season four Kara, 100 words

I roleplay Kara and I'm always happy to find others interested in playing with her.


untitled Kate/Sawyer drabble - post-canon, 100 words

Begin Again if You Must - Kate/Jack possibilities in a time loop, PG, written during season six, app. 1100 words

From a Safe Distance - post-canon Kate/Sawyer, PG, written before season six aired, app. 1700 words

untitled Nadia ficlet - Nadia & Sayid, PG, nongraphic references to torture

untitled Lost/Cowboy Bebop crossover ficlet - Sawyer/Julia, R

Not What You Expected - Kate and Jacob (or Kate/Jacob, if you prefer), PG, a first meeting on the island (not canon-compliant), app. 330 words

I've roleplayed Kate! You can always PM me if you'd like to do something with her.

Cowboy Bebop:

untitled Spike/Julia drabble - pre-canon, PG, 100 words

untitled Lost/Cowboy Bebop crossover ficlet - Sawyer/Julia, R

untitled Cowboy Bebop/Trigun crossover ficlet - Faye/Wolfwood, PG

I've played both Faye and Julia! You can drop me a line if you'd like to play with either.

Dragon Age:

untitled Morrigan drabble - post-DA:O Morrigan and child, 100 words

I Await Your Favor - fem!Tabris (rogue)/Zevran, PG, app. 2600 words

The Queen - Anora, PG, app. 350 words

I roleplay Inquisition-era Morrigan and basically want to do everything with her. Canonmates welcome!

Lost in Translation:

Made Up of Lonely Moments - Charlotte pre-canon and through canon, PG, app. 2400 words

Fairly Legal:

If I Only Had a Heart - pre-canon Justin/Kate from Justin's POV, R, app. 2400 words

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones:

untitled Arya drabble - GoT Arya, G, 100 words


untitled Titania/Oberon drabble - post-A Midsummer Night's Dream, PG, 100 words

Since you've scrolled down this far: yes, the smuttiest stuff is elsewhere for now.


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